South African rap-ravers Die Antwoord (translation: The Answer) have rippled the interwebs in a matter of weeks. Their music video "Enter The Ninja" is causing a butterfly effect. YouTube music has just been upped to ninja level.

Many people don't know how to react—a sign of great art—and many are obsessed. Albeit R-rated, "Enter The Ninja" is uplifting and upbeat. It has all the key components to music video greatness—originality, emotion, energy, dance moves, realism, symbolism, shock value, humor, balance, and masterful execution. It's a musical blend of deft artistic expression formed by creative friends having fun. On you can listen to their 16-track beat-heavy album $O$.

Their website, albeit Flash-based, certainly suits their in-your-face style. It plays the entire album at hi-res, it grabs your interest, and leaves you wanting more. The photos are incredible. It includes 20 fun facts about the Zef-rap crew, which consists of dynamic rapper frontman Ninja (Waddy Jones), sexy profane blonde singer Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and PC-beatmaker DJ Hi-Tek. Also appearing in the crew is Leon Botha—a Cape Town artist with the hyper-aging disease progeria.

Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord members Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek pose together circa 2010. (

Each Die Antwoord member is a unique persona fueled by their own inner Zef—a term best described by Ninja a video interview. Ninja says, If you love it, we love you too, and if you hate it, it's because you're not on my level. Pitchfork posted an email interview. Apparently since they blew up on YouTube this month they've been receiving thousands of emails daily.

The Walrus wrote:

Ninja has sculpted, both with his flesh and his music, the ultimate South African. He is everything in the country, fucked into one person. That he is willing to go so far to embody this idea is thrillingly, gloriously radical.

Die Antwoord is radical yet true-to-life. "Enter The Ninja" is my favorite track. The album is sublime. The vibe is groundbreaking. The energy is fierce and positive. Expect Die Antwoord to tour in Europe/USA this year, If their live videos on YouTube are any indication, the show will surely be next level.