New school and old school collide here: New Music Seminar 2010 in New York was a 2.5 day collision of industry minds talking strategy and technology in today's music market. NMS first took place in the early 80s and was relaunched last year by its original founder, Tom Silverman. You'll see a mix of photos from the discussions and performances which included the Artist On The Verge contest, where three bands from OurStage were voted on to perform and compete: Yonas, Comic Book Heroes, and winner HotSpur. (28 photos total, July 19–21 2010)

NMS line outside Webster Hall
The crowd waits outside Webster Hall for the NMS 2010 party. (CC-BY RVE)
DJ Rana Sobhany
iPad DJ Rana Sobhany performs on of NMS 2010 at Webster Hall. (CC-BY RVE)
Drink Ticket Special: 5 for $40
$8 drink seems more crazy than special—even for NYC. (CC-BY RVE)
Margaret Cho performs
Comedian Margaret Cho was hilarious—a nice surprise at NMS . Hurt locker! (CC-BY RVE)
Steve Klein and Ryan Van Etten under skyscraper
LTR: Steve Klein (Sound Around) and Ryan Van Etten head towards Webster Hall for the NMS . (CC-BY RVE)
NMS 2010 panelists
NMS NYC 2010 | Day 1 | July 20 | First Movement: The Next Music Business Unveiled. LTR: Gwen Lipsky (SoundThinkingNY), Eric Garland (BigChampange) and Mike Doernberg (ReverbNation). Out of picture but also in this panel were Ariel Hyatt (Ariel Publicity) and Jay Frank (Futurehit.DNA). (CC-BY RVE)
Martin Atkins speaks: you MUST have more than one t-shirt for sale
British Tour:Smart author Martin Atkins explained 20 strategy tips like this one during his F-bomb-saturated 18-minute intensive. (CC-BY RVE)
NMS panel
NMS NYC 2010 | Day 1 | July 20 | Second Movement: The Future of Media. LTR: Peter Kafka, Joe Kennedy, Courtney Holt, Richard Yaffa, Frank Cooper, and Alex Cameron. (CC-BY RVE)
Nimbit speakers
Nimbit co-founder Phil Antoniades (left) and CEO Bob Cramer (right) perform a rockin' intro to demonstrate emotional connection before their 18-minute intensive geared towards direct-to-fan music. (CC-BY RVE)
Scott Klein
Scott Klein—the engineer brain behind Sound Around—in Tahini on 3rd ave. (CC-BY RVE)
Jim Moeller
Jim Moeller from New York based jam-band artist mgmt. service Soulever Music. (CC-BY RVE)
Klein brothers
Sound Around brothers Steve and Scott Klein. They stayed at my house during the seminar so I hung out with them quite a bit. Here we were on our way to Santos Party House on day 1. (CC-BY RVE)
The Fire and Reason perform
Electro-rock dance duo The Fire and Reason opened at Santos Party House on July 20. (CC-BY RVE)
The Fire and Reason perform
The Fire and Reason singer Bella Saona had some serious dance moves! (CC-BY RVE)
Yonas raps
Rapper Yonas was up next. Yonas was the first of the three Artist On The Verge finalists to perform. "I don't sing, I rap" Yonas said as he worked a part of the next song out for the audience to sing. (CC-BY RVE)
Yonas crowd at Santos House Party
Faces in the crowd during the set by Yonas. (CC-BY RVE)
Yonas live
Yonas gets the crowd moving. (CC-BY RVE)
fans onstage with Yonas and Deadstock Ric
Yonas brought some of the crowd on stage for a song at the end. You can also see DeadStock Ric in this shot (on the left) who performed with Yonas. The next day, The Creative Conundrum panel criticized Yonas for not creating enough separation between him and the fans. In this situation—a small-medium club—I disagree. (CC-BY RVE)
Comic Book Heroes
Rock band Comic Book Heroes was up next. They played a tight set, but I had to leave right after it, and didn't get to see HotSpur. I met the rhythm half of Comic Book Heroes the next day at the seminar. (CC-BY RVE)
Comic Book Heroes guitarist
Koz—Comic Book Heroes guitarist—at Santos Party House on July 20. (CC-BY RVE)
Comic Book Heroes bassist
Steve—Comic Book Heroes bassist—at Santos Party House on July 20. (CC-BY RVE)
Aspacia Lindstrom outside the venue
Aspacia Lindstrom from gen2media outside Santos Party House during Artist On The Verge on July 20. (CC-BY RVE)
David Hoffman and Colin Willis sit behind the Next Big Sound booth
Day 2 | Next Big Sound was upstairs at NMS. LTR: David Hoffman and Colin Willis. (CC-BY RVE)
New Music Seminar panelists
NMS NYC 2010 | Day 2 | July 21 | Third Movement: Your Live Tour. LTR: Martin Atkins, Steve Ferguson, Jim Glancy, Corrie Christopher, and Stephane Minier. (CC-BY RVE)
New Music Seminar panelists
NMS NYC 2010 | Day 2 | July 21 | Fourth Movement: The Creative Conundrum. LTR: Bill Werde, Kelly Cutrone, Little Steven, Just Blaze, and Tom Jackson. (CC-BY RVE)
Just Blaze at New Music Seminar
Just Blaze meets attendees after The Creative Conundrum. (He was one of the few smart enough to wear shorts.) (CC-BY RVE)
NMS panelists
NMS NYC 2010 | Day 2 | July 21 | Fifth Movement: The Breaks. LTR: Margaret Cho, Nile Rodgers, Alex Suarez, Jesse Malin, Vin Rock, Swizz Beats, and Tom Silverman (NMS Founder). (CC-BY RVE)
NMS Artist On The Verge finalists
NMS Artist On The Verge finalists. Top row: Yonas (DeadStock Ric and Yonas) and Comic Book Heroes (Ned, Steve, Koz, and Collin). Bottom row: the contest winners—HotSpur. These three artists were chosen by the OurStage community and the winner was voted on via text message on the final day of NMS. (NMS/Jen Maler)