Key points discussed at New Music Seminar 2013 in NYC

YouTube loves music.

YouTube is not TV presented Brian Hennigan of YouTube. Likes, shares, and comments make it much more. YouTube facilitates sustainable discovery and fan engagement. It embraces creators. Hennigan noted that search and links are major entry points. Nobody types channel URLs. Accurate titles and bold thumbnails are critical in search. Tags and descriptions add search relevance. Straight-to-camera calls to action and end card links are effective video tactics. Careers are made via YouTube.

Websites trump apps.

Most fans don't use artist apps. Fans prefer mobile-friendly websites. Fan emails are more valuable in the long-run than app users. "Email is the ultimate app" said David Dufresne of Bandzoogle. Responsive websites run on any device. Apps are limited to specific devices. Invest in web design—not apps—and be sure to collect emails (using a service like ymlp or otherwise).

Require quality.

All strategies require quality content. The song precedes everything said Peter Asher. Great songs are often written in minutes. If you have something good, people are going to react to it said Adam Schlesinger. You never know the song that's going to be the song said Angela Hunte, whose writing for Empire State of Mind evolved into a NYC anthem when The Yankees won the 2009 world series. The hits will pay for the misses.

DIY is modular.

Large labels are often partnered with service providers who may not be the best fit for every artist. Unsigned artists and small indie labels and can select vendors for better reasons. The better the fit, the better results. Unsigned is the most modular.

Flyers. Facebook.

Promotion via Facebook ads is far more efficient than flyers. Facebook has precision targeting abilities for location, demographics, and interests. Start with CPC and experiment. If you have high ratio of clicks/impression, then CPM is cheaper.

Trigger memories.

Martin Atkins discussed how objects are perceived differently over time: object → weird/new → adopted → iconic → lame/discarded → variable ~ time → hip/memory prompt → object. Gifts are an imposition. Associate your music with memorable experiences.

Martin Atkins onstage
Tour:Smart author Martin Atkins presents that mixtapes are artifacts on at NMS. (CC-BY RVE)